April 27 & 28, 2019




About the event

Turning of the Tide Artisan Retreat is a new heritage and fine arts learning experience.

Our goal is to rejuvenate heritage crafts and fine arts in southwestern Illinois. Our instructors are well known for their experience in their art and craft. We will have sales vendors, so come be inspired by their ideas and stock up on supplies for the coming year, as well as support them and their small businesses. Dust the cobwebs out of your head and come celebrate the renewal of spring by learning new and useful skills and techniques.


Espenschied Chapel
317 County Road
Mascoutah, IL 62258


27-28 April, 2019 Saturday and Sunday


Turning of the Tide

When the tide turns, from flowing out to flowing in, there is a change in direction of the ocean.  This change in direction gives the idea of returning, perhaps refreshed, after being gone for a while.

This is the same feeling of spring, after a long, cold winter.  Springtime symbolizes rebirth, newness, and moving forward towards a new year, new life, and well, lots of new things! Although these things are new, they are also old.  Spring has brought about the same emergence of leaves and flowers for centuries, although it seems so fresh and new after a dark winter. 

Around the world, cultures celebrate the renewal of life after winter with tradition and ritual.  Although much of what we do has been done for centuries, it may be brand new to you.  You may never have made your own soap, or baked your own bread.  Perhaps you wanted to make your own jewelry, or learn an instrument.  These are time honored activities that may be new to you.  

Just like the returning of spring, we can return to creating with our hands.  We can also experience the pride and satisfaction of knowing we can make things ourselves.  Few of us have jobs where we see the tangible results of our work; when we create, we can experience the results of our imagination. 

There is a reason people are attracted to items made by hand.  Research has shown that hand activities from knitting to woodworking to gardening are useful for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as impacting depression.

Come and experience something new created by your own hands. Come renew yourself, invoke your passions, and make new friends. Come join the “Turning of the Tide”.


Our Teachers

Coppersmith and woodworker - TheDancingGoats.com

Potter, soapmaker, fiber artist - GaryOlds.com

Patti Bealer

Website, organizer

Eunice Peterson

Fiber Artist, organizer

Rachel Miner

Felter, anime

Rebecca Peterson

Fiber artist, fine arts, basket maker

Stool caning

Fiber artist

Herbalist, artist

Wire wrapping

Eco-friendly creator of wearable art

Fiber artist, 24 colors in one depot

Paper marbling, historic trades interpreter

Mixed media, needle felting

Fiber Artist

Watercolor artist

Weaver, fiber artist

Weaver, Artist

Fiber Artist


About the event organizers

The Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois is a 501(c)7 organization whose mission is to gather to learn, teach and share skills in many forms of artistic expression. Our artisans value craftsmanship and our activities are heavily rooted in heritage arts and fine crafts.


Espenschied Chapel – 317 County Road Mascoutah, IL 62258

Mascoutah Cemetery Chapel, Inc. is the official name of the 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit group that was formed to save the chapel from demolition in 1999.

Since its restoration, it serves as a cultural center in the community. We have a concert series and are working toward hosting more programs and cultural events and workshops! We feature artists who play original and traditional music.


Our great sponsors

Look for us next year!

This year we had a great time! This year we have a new location (much closer to home), some vendors, and we some amazing live music!