About the Event

Turning of the Tide is a retreat for artisans by artisans.  It is a folk ways school, in the heritage of John C. Campbell Folk School.  We want to share with you the skills that can be done by each one of us, but are often done by others, in locations we know nothing about.  We would like to bring home the lost art of many of these skills that are necessary for many of our communities.  

About our classes

Our classes follow four different paths, Heritage Skills, such as soap making and stool caning; Food Skills, such as fermented vegetables and bread baking;  Fiber Arts, such as spinning and working with angora rabbits; and Fine Arts, such as silk painting and Intaglio printing.  Some are skills that would have been handed down through the families, others through apprenticeship programs to learn mastery.  In our day and age, we can enjoy all of them to enhance our lives and the joy of creating, as well as develop our own self sufficiency.  The meaning of the name “Turning of the Tide”, is meant to bring the skills of production back from manufacturers to individual households, allowing our families to be more self sustaining.  Fortunately, this is not a necessity, but a joyful movement with great creative spirit.  We hope you will join us in our journey.

Please keep in mind, due to the nature of the classes and the size of the studios, there are only 5 places available in each class.  If you find there are no classes available you would like to take, and have already paid your registration fee, simply contact us at guild@artisansil.org and we will refund your fee by check.


The event will take place at the Dancing Goat Folkways Retreat, in the studios of a small farm in Sandoval, IL, not far from Salem, IL.  It’s an ideal setting with inside studios and a relaxed rural atmosphere.  

If you are looking to stay for the entire weekend, there are hotels in the local area.  You can get a discounted rate if you are attending our retreat.  Click here for details.

About the Teachers

Each of our teachers has learned their skill by doing the work and teaching classes over the years.  They each have a passion for the skills they teach, and want to share their love of these skills with you.