24 Colors from One Dyepot

Come participate in a dyeing adventure. We will start out with 24 skeins of yarn which have been pre-mordanted to save us some time. Students will work together for the weighing yarns, measuring out the post-mordants, and moving the yarns from pot to pot. With 1 dye pot, two post-mordant pots, and an ammonia dip, our results will be 24 skeins of different color, all from a single dye pot! This is exciting work and will require some attention to detail. Students will go home with 24 colors of yarn charted with how each acquired their color.

Students may also bring an item of their own to throw into he dye pot after our yarns have finished. Natural dyes almost always have at least 2-3 exhaust baths that can be used. Wool only please.

Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil for note taking while you are working. Wear old clothes or aprons and bring kitchen-type gloves. All jars are provided and pre-mordanting has been finished by the instructor.

Includes all class materials:

Instructor: Diana Wallace

Class Fee: $35