Band Weaving on a Double Slot Reed


This class involves weaving bands on a double slotted reed. The double slotted reed is similar to a regular rigid heddle, but has an extra set of slots that are designed to carry the pattern warp separate from the background threads.
The background warp weaves a plain weave and the pattern threads float on top of the warp thread. A variation of pick up only much easier since the pattern threads are separated. As you raise or lower the reed for each shed, the pattern threads remain separate in the center of the shed, making them easier to pick up and drop.

This is not new, the original hand carved double slot looms go back to the early and mid 1800’s. Although originally Scandinavian, patterns can be drawn up to create and weave any design you choose. Plus it’s so portable.
Traditionally, bands or ribbons were used for securing bundles for easy carrying, as closures or binding such as a baby’s bunting, keeping him snug and warm, to trimming costumes, adding colorful accent to clothing, and much more: belts, curtain drape ties, trim for curtains, trims, suspenders, bell pulls, key fobs, book marks and so much more.

Note: This is an all day class, there will be a lunch break.

Instructor: Rosey Dupuy

Class Fee: $85