Deeping Plant Knowledge through Botanical Illustration and Plant Identification

Have you ever looked at plants and wish that you could draw them accurately?   Do you wish to have a more intimate relationship with the plants but don’t know how to get started?  Do you wish to be more familiar with plant families and their basic medicinal uses?  During this workshop, we’ll combine sensory observation, drawing, studying the wild weeds around and discussing the medicinal uses of them.  You will learn how to meet a plant and gain knowledge about that plant through your senses of sight, taste, touch and smell; while using a drawing technique to discover an intimate knowledge of the plant.  Deepen your knowledge both intellectually and spiritually with the plants that grow in our environment. 

These exercises will encourage you to see the plants on a new level by using your spiritual intuition as well as your mental intellect to examine the plants in a whole new way.  No drawing experience is necessary, Kristine will give you the necessary skills to be able to draw for this class and beyond.  All supplies will be provided and students will receive a drawing kit to take home.

Instructor: Kristine Brown

Class Fee: $65