Beginning Soap Making

Enjoy the luxury of your own handcrafted artisan soap.  This workshop covers all steps in making natural handmade soap, including adding milk, herbs, natural colorant, and essential or fragrance oils. This is not a melt and pour class; it teaches soap making from scratch.  The first portion of this workshop covers types of oils and fats common in soap recipes, types of equipment needed, where ingredients can be found, and safety.  The second portion explains how to create your own soap recipes to match skin types, the properties of various oils and fats, and why oils and fats are blended to achieve the perfect all purpose face and body soap.  Also discussed will be specialty soaps such as shampoo, shaving and laundry.

Students will observe the process of soap making from start to finish and leave with gentle, usable soap and instructions for making their own at home.  As time permits, marketing, sales and packaging will also be discussed.

This class is 4 hours long, and starts at 8 am, so please schedule accordingly.

Instructor: Gary Olds

Class Fee: $50