Spin with Some Bunny

English Angora with Yarn 2013

Have you always wanted to spin Angora rabbit wool but have been afraid to take the plunge? Here’s your chance to master the art of spinning this exotic fiber. You will learn to spin English, French, German and Satin Angora rabbit wool and compare the differences. You will learn how to extend this “precious” fiber and still have the Angora look and feel without breaking the bank. Emphasis will be on spinning wool, but a short discussion of the Angora Rabbit including grooming, harvesting the fiber and taking care of the rabbit will be provided. A live rabbit will be used to demonstration grooming and will be given away to an interested participant.

Participants should bring with them spinning wheel or spindle, hand cards (if you have them) a pair of large dog groom brushes work well also, ball winder, and/or knitty knoddy. A lap towel to catch stray fibers is very helpful. Also, please bring a bobbin with one ply of already spun fiber such as wool, Alpaca, etc. to ply with your Angora.

Instructor: Nancy Barnett

Class Fee: $50