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Robin Goaty

Robin is an award winning full time festival craftsman working Fiber Festivals in the Midwest, and is also an Instructor at The John C Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Inspired by Tolkien’s Legendarium, he started carving Ents, Wizards and Castles after reading the Hobbit four decades ago. Woodcarving, Woodturning, Hand Built Ceramics, Hot and Cold Glass, Coppersmithing, Enameling, Broom Making, Tool Making, Spinning & Navajo Style Weaving are current specialties. Teaching the Traditional Crafts is a passion. He also conducts a lively online trade in ‘Heirloom Quality Hand Made Fiber Tools. has been in business since 1987 and online since 2000. We make tools for Folkways Artisans and provide ‘Northern Folk-school’ instruction.

Gary Olds
Gary Olds

Gary Olds has been a student and teacher of ‘artisan’ subjects for almost four decades, among his interests are subjects pertaining to heritage crafts. He has taught at the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio Texas, Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri, and at numerous art and craft centers and workshops throughout the Midwest. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and fine arts. A fiber/textile artist, Gary also works in mediums of clay and metal.

Patti Bealer
Patti Bealer

Patti Bealer is a health food advocate, and a lover of traditional skills. She has taught vegetable fermentation classes for several years, in her home, for groups, and at a local arts and crafts center.

Patti has been a fiber artist for 35 years, teaching spinning and quilting in various locations in the area. She has recently become very involved in leather work, making journals, cuffs and even her own shoes.  She has been involved with the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois since its beginning in 1998.

Rebecca Peterson

Rebecca Peterson has a BA in Studio Arts from Carthage College and has been creating since the age of 5. Imagery and story has always held significance in her personal work, and she hopes to share that pull with her students. New to teaching, Rebecca has shown in several Wisconsin and Illinois galleries over the past 8 years and is now teaching with the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois.

Rebecca’s passions are watercolors on plastics and crocheting while keeping track of her half-feral cats. She believes that everyone should try things at least once, if only to have the experience.

Rachel Miner

Rachel Miner is a fiber artist and costume enthusiast. Dabbling in different fiber related art since 7 years of age, Rachel has developed a special love for felting and costume construction especially, but also spends time spinning and occasionally crocheting. Rachel also takes joy in making art for a live internet audience on having earned an affiliate status. Rachel is a member of the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois and the twitch group Knotty by Nature.

Barb Miner

Barb Miner combines her love for fiber and history by sharing heritage fiber arts. A volunteer living-history interpreter for over 10 years, Barb regularly demonstrates spinning, weaving, and chair caning but is also skilled in felting, candle making, basket weaving, sewing, and crochet. Barb learned there are few people skilled in chair caning and is frequently asked about repairing chairs. She prefers to teach others this skill in an effort to maintain this wonderful heritage art. Barb is a member of The SeatWeavers Guild (TSWG) and the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois. You can often see Barb at work at the Lewis and Clark State Historic Site in Hartford, IL.

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Eunice Peterson

Eunice has been creating with fiber for over 40 years.  She learned from her grandmother, who gave her the gift of sitting still, enjoying the moment, and creating something unique and beautiful.  She has been spinning for over ten years, and loves to demonstrate how easy it is to make one’s own yarn, and show how handmade items are unique and not found at Walmart.

Eunice bakes for pleasure and specializes in homemade breads. She enjoys natural and synthetic dyeing, weaving, caning and baking.  She believes heritage arts will help humanity survive the “zombie apocalypse”.

Dana Gray

Originally from Alaska, Dana loves the great outdoors. She also enjoys wet felting, needle felting, spinning, wood carving, wood burning, music and keeping Angora rabbits. She has an Etsy store called AllThingsDanaArt, where she sells everything from angora yarn to wood burned ornaments.

Growing up in Alaska has a big impact on her art aesthetic, she often uses Alaskan landscapes and animals in her art.

Her favorite Quote:
“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou…


Rosie Dupuy

I began loom weaving in the early 80’s and soon started giving workshops which lead to teaching weaving at Carl Sandburg College in Ill., over time I’ve broken down many types of weaving to simple workshops giving them places like Dickson Mounds Native American Museum, at major festivals like the Mich. Fiber Fest, Wisconsin Spin In, Illinois, Indiana and several fiber events in Mo. This was my 15th year weaving as a historic craftsman in Tenn. at Dollywood’s Harvest Fest the month of October.

My goal is to be a good beginning instructor and to set students off on a solid path into their weaving experience. I have not settled on any one type of weaving but go from the smallest miniatures to rag and wool rugs… In 2000 I moved from Western Ill. to NE Missouri… fenced in the yard for my llamas, for us to grow old together… and we have!
My goal of this workshop is for you to leave knowing you can confidently plan your future projects and enjoy warping your loom on your own, inspired by the wonderful weaving possibilities waiting for you.

Check out her webpage and Etsy Site:

Nancy Barnett

Nancy has been spinning and raising sheep for 33 years and Angora rabbits for 29 years. She teaches various classes in many fiber festivals throughout the Midwest. She raises Border Leicester and BFL sheep and French, English, and Satin Angora rabbits. She has won two sustainable agriculture grants; one of which is for her angora/wool socks.

Diana Wallace

Loving the properties of wool, mohair, alpaca & angora fibers, Diana processes, mixes and creates all sorts of fibery things. She enjoys using Old World processing tools;  Viking combs and hackles are a mainstay in her life of fiber processing. Collecting and growing natural dye stuffs on the farm, along with some purchased fiber stuffs, rounds out her menagerie of playful fibery products.