Rosie Dupuy

I could crochet and knit as a child but preferred knitting… lots of sewing… and beads, don’t know at what age I actually started any of it but, it was always in my life. In the 60’s we moved our young family to the country began raising sheep, having our own fiber fit right in and along came spinning and weaving in the 70‘s…
I began loom weaving in the 80’s and soon started giving workshops which led to teaching weaving at Carl Sandburg Jr. College in Ill., over time I’ve broken down many types of weaving to simple workshops giving them places like Dickson Mounds Native American Museum, at major festivals in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Mo. This was my 16th year weaving as a historic craftsman in Tenn. at Dollywood’s Harvest Fest the month of October.
My goal is to be a good beginning instructor and to set students off on a solid path into their weaving experience. I have not settled on any one type of weaving but go from the smallest miniatures to rag and wool rugs… In 2000 I moved from Western Ill. to NE Missouri… fenced in the yard for my llamas, for us to grow old together… and we have!

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